[ HTJ Podcast ] Tax Saving Strategy when moving to Ireland

The question, you mentioned Damien the remittance basis. So, can someone who is a dual citizen, so, US/Ireland, they moved to Ireland. Can they qualify for being taxed on the remittance basis? And if so, what is the process for registering?
If they're a dual citizen, good question, where would they consider domicile I suppose. So, I think we probably get into the case law. The case law and where do they see, you know, where did their real home to be? Is it actually Ireland or is it America? If it's the case it's America, then yes, they will qualify, you know, for the remittance basis. But if it's a case it's not, it's Ireland they wouldn't, that would be my answer to that. And obviously we've got to have a look and see, we could maybe share with them the kind of factors that have been, that we know that the courts have looked at before to make an assessment like that. Good question.
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