[ HTJ Podcast ] Moving to the US for a Job


Is it possible for a non-resident to be, and Mike I think this may have been answered by what you just said, but I'll say it anyway. Is it possible for non-resident to be invited by an American citizen to work in his hospital as an employee? So, he knows someone running a hospital and he would like to work for him, Mike?
Yeah, absolutely. It may very well be possible that this is a situation where we need to look at your credentials and then look at the potential employer and look at how they're going to plan to bring you in, the type of position you would be filling the salary that they're going to offer. So, these are all things that we would do through a screening, and we would determine whether or not you would fit into a certain category. And in this case, there are some other types of potential opportunities that may fit for medical professionals. Just depends on your licensing and your background and the position.
Okay, great. Thank you for that.

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